Valentino & Joan

Valentino & Joan (#vjkiz) are an upcoming couple performing and teaching Kizomba/Urban Kiz around Europe. They’re based in Stockholm, Sweden and teach at iDance dance school.


Their style is mainly dynamic and upbeat with lots of lifts, dips and tricks. With their knowledge of contemporary and classical music they aspire to add some modern bits and dynamics to their dance and share it with the Kiz community in Europe.


In 2015 they were the GB Kizomba North West Champions and vice champions in the GB Kizomba Competition /Africadancar UK.

Lloyd Winter

Lloyd has always been fascinated with the way people move and how movement can be used to communicate. His curiosity has resulted in him using movement in this way. He feels that dance is means to communicate with someone without having to speak the same language. Lloyd has done Tricking: a training discipline that combines martial arts kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics and other dance moves. Lloyd has also danced Salsa for a long time but found in Urban Kiz a way to truly express his feelings. According to him, music fills our souls, which makes us able to let go of everything and as a result have the music carry us. You can teach someone all the steps, but in his opinion, there is a lot more to be taught if you truly want to be able to have someone express their feelings through Urban Kiz. His inspiring Urban Kiz and Tarraxa classes and workshops contain fun exercises, lots of technique and styling, but the emphasis is on the connection with the dance partner.


Valeria – Urban Kiz, Kizomba and Lady Styling teacher based in London, UK.


The video is worth a thousand words – just watch it and you will see why every lady should visit the workshops 😉

Theodore Awadzi

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi aka Theo is the founder of Dance-Drive. He was the UK IDO Kizomba Champion 2012 as well as the 2012 UKA salsa champion held in Bolton. His excellent teaching style has earned him recognition across the world. His excellent teaching style and fun workshops have resulted in extensive travel around the world, teaching at congresses and festivals. In between travels he is based in Oslo, Norway where he has established the Kizomba scene over the past year.


With roots from the West African Country of Ghana, Theo’s dancing love is not limited to Kizomba, but extends to Semba, Afro-house, Kuduro and Tarraxinha! He focuses on connection between partners, footwork, body motion and Ginga, partner work and styling. Aside from teaching, Theo is also a sought after Kizomba DJ.



  • 1st Place British Open Professional Salsa Champion 2012
  • 1st Place Kizomba champion 2011
  • 3rd Place British Open salsa Champion 2011
  • Joint 1ST British Open Salsa Showcase Champion 2010
  • 4th Place British Open Salsa Champion 2010

Lucien Noten

Lucien Noten grew up in the Caribbean. Being influenced with Caribbean music all his life, he finally made the switch to Latin. After trying Salsa he fell in love with Dominican Bachata. Dancing and teaching it for several years, friends persuaded him to try Kizomba. Also because kizomba was getting more and more popular and bachata was played less on parties. He took lessons from great teachers such as Albir, Laurent, Enah, Felicien and Kwenda Lima. He decided that after those lessons it was time to develop his own style. He started dancing and mixing the different styles. As a teenager he had learned to play drums. With this experience he started experimented when dancing with ladies to see if they could follow him while he was playing the music on their back. This resulted in his own Urban Tarraxa style he now calls “Tarrafuzz”. The name is chosen not to disrespect the original kizomba and or Tarraxhina. He met his current dance partner Maryama Camara in 2016. And together they made a curriculum to teach this new style.


This style is based on body isolations of the upper and lower body. Where the leader uses the upper body of the follower as an instrument to play the beat he or she hears in the music. The result is a fast rhythmic moving of the upper and lower body.​

Olo Xtrakiz

Olo is a great kizomba dancer, instructor and the man with the biggest heart. Whenever he sees anybody he usually lifts them, even guys! With girls – well, if you like to fly and do crazy stuff – Olo is your man 😉

Emrâh Bouyahi

Emrâh Bouyahi is a kizomba instructor and a taxi dancer. You should not skip his signature blindfold classes!

DJ Al Nova

Blaise Mwami

DJ ArtiKeys

DJ Cuchi Cuchi

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DJ Fano

DJ Havana

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